Are Twitter’s new private conversations a game changer?

private conversations

Are Twitter’s new private conversations a game changer?

Twitter has just announced the introduction of a new feature: Private Conversations and it just might be a game changer.

The group function lets users start conversations with their followers and all participants are not required to be following one another to take part.

Twitter says that users can create groups in just a few taps and when someone is added to a group, he or she will receive a notification.

Some see transparency as being one of the key defining attributes of Twitter. Most activity and conversation is posted publically for anyone to see and this access is what makes Twitter engaging and useful.

The privacy shift comes as Twitter seeks to bolster user growth and compete with instant messaging platforms such as WeChat, WhatsApp and SnapChat. But at what cost?

How will taking formerly open conversations behind closed doors change the Twitter experience?  Will access to premium or special content become limited to members of private groups? Will direct messages become a constant stream of spam?  Will Twitter be serving  advertisements within these private conversations?

Twitter’s official blog offers few answers. For now, users will have to just have to wait to see.

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