The value of blogger relations is clear

The value of blogger relations is clear

Most brands have jumped on the content marketing bandwagon, but let’s not overlook the significant value that relationships with  bloggers can bring to digital marketing initiatives. Bloggers offer brands enhanced value through their own social media activities. They are highly active and skilled in using most of the popular social networks because the success of their blog depends on it. Building those online relationships and creating a strong army of brand influencers can make the difference in a successful campaign.

It’s a strategy that Thornley Fallis used to good effect for Ford of Canada. For three years we helped the car manufacture build strong blogger relationships that put the brand at the centre of family life and local culture.

We built our approach while focusing on four key tactics:

  1. developing personal relationships with bloggers and key online influencers;
  2. building an online community of interest in the region around the Ford brand;
  3. leveraging local community and charitable initiatives; and
  4. joining in Ford of Canada’s national initiatives.

The program was an undeniable success, it not only delivered many thousands of social media mentions each year there was another unexpected benefit!  Ten of our bloggers actually went on to buy a new Ford vehicle as a result having driven one as part of our program.

A good blogger relations campaign offers much insight. There’s so much a brand can learn online. Each conversation, community and relationship offers new information, observation and understanding. It’s the difference between being a communicator that speaks and one who also listens.


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