Win a ticket to Social Capital Ottawa!

Social Capital Ottawa Conference

Win a ticket to Social Capital Ottawa!

Here’s your chance to win a free ticket to Social Capital Ottawa conference taking place June 1 at Algonquin College in Ottawa’s west end.

Social Capital Ottawa Conference
Social Capital Ottawa Conference

The Social Capital Conference blends formal presentations with community/unconference style sessions on topics ranging from content marketing, influencer relations, intellectual copyright in a digital age, video strategies and lots more. There is a fantastic line up of speakers and sessions including those run by Thornley Fallis team members Sherrilynne Starkie, Diane Begin and Martin Waxman.  In addition, Inside PR co-host Gini Dietrich is the keynote speaker.

How to win

Just leave a comment below saying why you’d like to attend #socapott and what you hope to learn. The winner will be chosen at random. The competition closes Monday May 27th at 12 noon.  The winner will be announced on this blog.

The winner, name drawn at random, is Denise Parkes Breau.  Congratulations Denise, we’ll see you there!

18 responses to “Win a ticket to Social Capital Ottawa!”

  1. Abdul Haseeb Awan says:

    Pretty active in E-Commerce and utilizing internet to generate business, I would like to learn further about Social Media !

  2. brettmcateer says:

    Independent communications consultant seeks low-cost professional development and networking opportunities.

  3. I hope to learn how to take my content and make it more engaging. I have the stories I want to tell, I need to know the proper format & social media tools to find the appropriate audience.

  4. I would love to learn some of the “under the hood” tips that the amazing speakers will have to share related to SEO and analytics>

  5. BambiBlue says:

    I’d love to network with other people in the business to understand what needs there are out there to be filled.

  6. Amy Boughner says:

    I missed last year’s conference and I really missed out. I would love the opportunity to attend the roundtables, particularly the analytics and the ebook ones. I want to learn more for myself AND what I can do for other people.

  7. Alison Foley Howard says:

    I’m just learning about this conference and still learning about how to effectively, in a time efficient manner, use social media.

  8. Denise Parkes Breau says:

    This is just the right kind of conference i would like to attend. I work in Social Media as part of what I do in my work so gaining more knowledge is great.

  9. Ashley Windsor says:

    As a teacher and edtech enthusiast I would love to have the opportunity to learn about intellectual copyright and new social media tools to incorporate in the classroom.

  10. Sue Roseman says:

    As a substitute teacher and Educational Technology Integrator I wish to incorporate effectively more social media tools in classroom. When used properly, social media tools can boost student engagement, link students to content experts and real-world examples of classroom lessons, and help them establish an online body of work.

  11. Selina Rose says:

    As a recent Holistic Nutrition and Health Coaching grad I’d like to learn ways to reach out to my community (and beyond) so we can all live healthier lives! I hope to learn about blogging and how to use social media effectively to build my business online.

  12. Michaela Schreiter says:

    I hope to network with other social media professionals from the area and abroad. As a social marketing specialist, I love to learn how others approach social media for themselves and their companies. Specifically, I want to discuss the different forms of metrics they use. This is something that all of our bosses love to see, and I want to learn more about what to look for and what I can deliver.

  13. Troy Baker says:

    I am about to enter my second year at Algonquin College Public Relations student and this event can help me expand my network, and learn things that I cannot necessarily learn in a class room.

  14. Sowmyan says:

    As an E-Business Consultant and Student studying Social Media User activity, I would like to listen to Industry Greats 🙂

  15. Ashley Andrews says:

    I would really appreciate learning form the Analytics roundtable.

  16. Kristina Misener says:

    I use Social Media as a Web Designer and Developer I am always wanting to have my clients engage in my technologies to create brand awareness and expand their social mediums. Attending this conference will allow for me to transefer my knowledge to increase their potential.

  17. Kirsten Butler says:

    as a recent grad, I’d like to continue learning and meeting professionals who share my interest and experience.

  18. Sherrilynne7 says:

    The winner, in a random draw is Denise Parkes Breau. Thanks to everyone who took part!

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