Video Production & Creative

U.S. and Canada

The web is becoming all about video-based experiences. With faster broadband readily available, video content is now flourishing and becoming more interactive.  The Thornley Fallis Communications video production team creates remarkable video experiences that entertain and educate and are widely shared. What story do you want to tell? See much more at

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We Produce Video for Brands and Agencies

We handle the entire production process including:

  • Creative concept development and script writing
  • Pre-production (art direction, casting, talent, wardrobe, locations, permits, insurance, props, transportation, crew coordination, project management, music search and licensing)
  • Full production (filming, directing, producing, lighting, sound and support)
  • Post-production (editing, motion graphics, visual effects, animations, colour correction, audio mixing, rendering and export for delivery)
  • Promotion and analytics

What story do you want to tell? Contact Thornley Fallis Communications to find out more about creating remarkable experiences.

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Video Work