Communications training

We deliver a range of communications training services including The Manager is the Medium, media training workshops and social media training seminars, all tailored to meet the needs of each client.

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Communications training

The Manager is the Medium

Undergoing organizational change? All too often internal communications efforts fail to achieve their objectives because they are stopped at the manager level. Not because the managers want to thwart corporate initiatives, but because they don’t understand their critical role in communicating, nor do they know how to communicate with their employees. ‘The Manager is the Medium’ is a training course developed to build and strengthen the communications skills of leaders and managers in order to help organizations achieve their goals. The course is a fully customized experiential learning program that addresses organizations’ specific needs with scenarios, messages and planning templates customized to reflect real situational requirements. It is designed for groups of 15 to 20 and delivered in one full-day session followed by a half-day session one or two weeks later, with two practical ‘real work-life’ assignments in between.

Who is this communications training for?

Managers, supervisors, and leaders in any organization: particularly effective in supporting imminent or ongoing change.

Content and methodology:

The Manager is the Medium is a highly-interactive, intensive and results driven program on a platform of current adult learning principles. Through a combination of facilitator-led discussions and practical, hands-on exercises, participants:

  • discover the importance and benefits of effective two way communication;
  • learn the principles of strategic communication and how to apply them;
  • develop an understanding of the nature of communications tools and tactics, and how to select and use them strategically, and
  • learn how to implement a Communications Covenant©–the foundation on which they will build improved relationships with their own work teams, as well as their own managers, colleagues and clients/customers.

The program is customized and tailored to address organizational needs and communications-based issues.

Course materials:

Participants receive a comprehensive and customized workbook that includes classroom materials, a tool box, process maps and feedback questionnaires.


The Manager is the Medium is geared for delivery to groups of 15-20 participants over one and one-half days. The first day is followed one to two weeks later by a half day, allowing participants time to apply the new learning and to complete two workplace-related assignments. This workshop and workshop materials are available in both French and English.


“96% of respondents said they would recommend this course to others.”
-Revenue Canada

“Supervisors are key to driving business change and success. Our supervisor communications training program, based on The Manager is the Medium and tailored specifically to meet our company’s needs, has now reached thousands of our supervisors. Every time we deliver it, we receive very positive feedback. And most important, we can show that the training, when combined with a well-executed communications plan, can make a real difference in business results.”
-American Standard Companies

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Media Training

Delivering effective messages through the media requires skill and knowledge blended with a solid understanding of how the media operates. Learning what journalists need and expect from a resource is only part of what we provide to our clients in our focused Media Training workshops.

Media Training that matters

The face of media is changing rapidly but the fundamental principles of dealing with media interviews—and professionals—remain the same. While there is no such thing as “one size fits all” at Thornley Fallis, we do incorporate some necessary basics into the unique media training seminars we build for clients. Success is when theory is put into practice.

Our content-rich media training workshops are designed to expose clients to the mechanics of the media before exploring the structure of crafting responses and delivering them with clarity. Beginner, intermediate and seasoned spokespersons benefit from our knowledge, expertise, experience and passion as we teach the media strategies we use ourselves.

Insightful training

As former journalists and news leaders, our media trainers draw on real-life experiences and stories brought back to life through the use of dynamic and interactive training techniques. The effect resulting from the immersion of participants in real-life scenarios creates, through a sense of enjoyment and personal challenge, strong positive reinforcement of the theoretical course teaching.

Theory and understanding are put to use in simulated interview scenarios where participants test new skills on camera in order to gain experience and comfort. Constructive reviews help participants isolate their strengths and succeed, with proven tactics that enable our clients to approach media interviews with confidence and skill.
Media training with Thornley Fallis is suitable for beginners new to the challenge of working with journalists, producers, writers and social media professionals or seasoned practitioners looking to refresh and augment their skills. With attention to detail and a focus on the fundamentals of media interviews we prepare our participants for the real world of media relations.

Our clients
Graduates of the Thornley Fallis method report they are more confident, secure and capable. Our recent client list includes CIRA, The Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Services (CCTS), Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), Canadian Human Rights Commission and the Office of the Privacy Commissioner. Our own review indicates our approach of a strong foundation supported by knowledge and practice is a route to success

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