Tool of the week: How often do you retweet women? Men?

Tool of the week: How often do you retweet women? Men?

There are many tools that provide Twitter user demographic data. But if you had to guess right now, who would you say you retweet more, men or women?

Twee-Q is an experiment from a Swedish organization called Crossing Boarders that works to promote equal participation. Among their goals is the promotion of female role models.

Twee-Q calculates a Twitter Equality Quotient that they describe as a simple score derived from how often you retweet men or women.

The tool takes your last 100 tweets to come up with a score. The closer you are to 50-50, the higher your Twee-Q.

Because gender is not included in profiles, the scan compares first names for men and women (individual accounts only) against US and Swedish census data to determine a gender. So if you retweet a guy named Kim, he’ll be counted as a woman.

The creators also say the tool shows its “swedishness.” (e.g. ”Jan” is as common among women in North America and men in Scandinavia. In that case, the Swedish data takes precedence.)

While the tool has some limitations, it’s fun for water cooler talk.

My TF colleague Jennifer Fox actually scored a perfect 10. She joins Oprah.

Most people however don’t have that perfect balance. At an 8, I pay a little too much attention to men.

The most surprising were a number of news media accounts that I follow. All were way more heavily weighted towards men, with one major city daily in particular scoring a 3.8.

Want to learn more about who you’re chatting with online? TF can help you with tracking and measurement.

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