Thornley Fallis and the BlackBerry 10 launch

Thornley Fallis and the BlackBerry 10 launch

We were very proud to be part of the global launch of the new BlackBerry 10 this week.  Vice President and Video Creative Director Mike Edgell says, “We had to find a way to tell the story of BlackBerry 10 in a creative way, but to let the technology itself do the talking.  BlackBerry 10 speaks quite loudly on its own, an amazing device our production team has been salivating over in the studio. These videos are representative of the main series created for consumers, as well as a short film for the enterprise market.”
BlackBerry Z10 Camera – Time Shift Mode

BlackBerry 10 – Keep Business Moving

BlackBerry 10 – BlackBerry Flow & Peek

This series of BlackBerry 10 videos was produced by the video production practice of Thornley Fallis and sister company 76design with visual effects support by 567.  Thornley Fallis also produced the online Superbowl ads for BlackBerry 10.”

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