Third Tuesday Ottawa feat. Craig Silverman

3tyow: Craig Silverman

Third Tuesday Ottawa feat. Craig Silverman

At last night’s  Third Tuesday Ottawa (#3tyow) Regret the Error blogger Craig Silverman shared his lessons learned about content curation, creation and publishing with more than 50 social media enthusiasts. As an entrepreneurial journalist, author and a recognized expert on media and reporter accuracy, Craig has built his successful career by creating and sharing compelling content online.

Content curation is collecting relevant online editorial content and organizing and republishing it to make it findable and useful. This includes searching, finding, selecting and organizing items, be they news articles, blog posts, infographics, websites, photos, podcasts or videos. This allows key target audiences to find information about a topic they are interested in and to recognize the publisher as a credible source as the first step in building awareness and trust.

Craig explained how he created his blog Regret the Error in which he tracks media accuracy, errors and the craft of verification.  He built his audience quickly by blogging about the sometimes humourous, sometimes egregious errors made by mainstream media outlets and their resulting correction notices. He shared one example from his hometown paper, The Chronicle Herald of Halifax, which had managed to mis-spell its own name in a headline.

Very quickly Craig built a large worldwide audience including jouranlists and media geeks and enthusiasts for his blog. Soon he was commenting about media accuracy and was seen as an expert on the subject. This lead to book deals and the acquisition of his blog by the Poynter Institute for Media Studies.




Since that time, Craig has been a columnist for the Toronto Star, Columbia Journalism Review, the Globe and Mail and  Currently he’s the director of content for Spundge*, a collaborative software platform for content creators. He provided a quick demonstration of the tool to show Third Tuesday Ottawa how it can help simplify the content development process from ideation right through to publishing.

Spundge is based on a “notebook” concept where users can curate and save posts from RSS feeds. (Watch their main video to learn more.)  All sources come together within Spundge notebooks as a single real-time filtered stream of relevant content. Users can also share notebooks with other contributors, collaborate and publish right from the platform.





Third Tuesday meetups take place in Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver and are sponoserd by Cision and Rogers. The feature speakers covering a wide range of topics of interest to social media enthusiasts.

*This blog post was developed, written and published via Spundge.

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