Social Media Super Bowl

Social Media Super Bowl

According to Twitter’s blog, approximately 24.1 million tweets were published about the Super Bowl and half time show this past Sunday. In fact, the volume of tweets had surpassed last year’s totals by the beginning of the second half.

While not a sports enthusiast, I do appreciate stats and facts. So this week, I have decided to post about social media facts from Super Bowl 47.

Twitter also reports some of the top events on social media during the Super Bowl in tweets per minute (TPM):

  • Power outage: 231,500 TPM
  • Destiny’s Child reunion on stage: 257,500 TPM
  • End of Beyonce’s half time show: 268,000 TPM

As always, Super Bowl advertisements are a major topic of conversation. This year, we also saw an increase in the number of commercials that provided a social media call to action. This post, written by Matt McGee states that Twitter was mentioned in 26 of the 52 Super Bowl commercials he watched. According to the post, this is a huge increase from last year, when Twitter was only mentioned in 8 game time commercials.

The blackout also provided advertisers with an opportunity to participate in the 231,500 TPM conversation. According to Twitter, it took only four minutes for the first promoted tweet to appear when Twitter users searched for ‘power outage’.

These facts, and the prevalence of social media during major events like the Super Bowl, shouldn’t come as a surprise. According to a report published last week by GlobalWebIndex, Twitter is now the fastest growing social platform in the world. 


Did you watch the game in real time or follow along on social media?




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  1. […] If you recall, this year’s Super Bowl was mentioned more than 24.1 million times. Including 231,500 tweets per minute (TPM) during the power outage (Twitter Blog). When comparing these numbers we should consider the potential size of the audience, the location of the audience and other important demographic information. […]

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