Five peculiar marketing research insights

Five peculiar marketing research insights

Marketers can find out some intriguing stuff about people!  Think a bit outside of the box, and there’s an infinite pool of insight, and some of it can be quite odd… even downright weird! Here’s our list of five quirky and offbeat insights marketers have gathered.

Top five unusual market research insights

1. Thirty-three per cent of insurance customers would like Oprah as their insurance agent

You name it, Oprah has done it: hosted a long-standing talk show, given millions in charitable donations, built a media empire, won an Oscar…and worked in insurance…? OK, while the entertainment mogul isn’t exactly going to be on hand to represent your next insurance claim, gained some interesting insights from a customer satisfaction survey taken by more than 5,000 insurance consumers. When asked what celebrity they’d love to have as their next insurance agent, 33 per cent of participants pegged Oprah Winfrey as their number one choice!  Donald Trump rang in at second place (31 per cent), followed by Barbara Walters (17 per cent), then Al Roker (15 per cent). Kim Kardashian was the least desirable with five per cent of votes.

2. Thirty-four per cent of homebuyers would buy a haunted home if it was priced lower

A cold creepy basement, strange noises in the middle of the night, fears of being home alone – not exactly the qualities homebuyers are looking for in their next abode. So when wanted to learn how people felt about buying a haunted house, they just asked!  Twenty-six per cent of people would consider purchasing a haunted home, and 34 per cent of homebuyers would buy a ghost-ridden home if it was discounted up to 30 per cent. More than half (51 per cent) of the 1, 400 participants said they’d heard of someone else’s haunted home experience. Yikes!

3. Thirty per cent of kids drink Bud Light?

Kids should be drinking juice and chocolate milk, not booze – right? Apparently Bud Light, Smirnoff, and Budweiser are the popular drink choice amongst some underage youth (ages 13-20). A study conducted by Boston University and the Center on Alcohol Marketing and Youth revealed some startling insights when respondents were asked about their consumption of 898 different brands of alcohol. Out of the 1,032 adolescents surveyed, nearly 30 per cent admitted to consuming Bud Light in the thirty days prior to the survey, 17 per cent had had Smirnoff vodka, and 15 per cent drank Budweiser during that period. The data raises concerns about if alcohol brands are marketing to underage drinkers, whether intentionally or not.

4. $50 million: The amount Australians spent on Valentine’s Day gifts for their pets in 2013

Ah, Valentine’s Day. What better time to show your loved ones you care – whether they’re of the human kind or made of fur? Last year Australians had no qualms about sharing their affection with Fluffy; in fact, Aussies coughed up almost $50 million on Valentine’s Day gifts for their furry friends in 2013. According to a survey from the World Society for the Protection of Animals, these animal lovers forked over $23 million to make Fido happy, and spent $7.9 million on treasures for their feline friends! The numbers don’t lie: Aussie’s love their pets like family, so they treat them like family. Valentine’s Day is no exception.

5. More people have mobile phones than own toothbrushes

More people have mobile phones (4.8 billion) than own a toothbrush, (4.2 billion) according to The 60 Second Marketer. This begs the question, how many toothless humans are texting their dentists?  Weird or what?

What offbeat marketing insights have you come across? Share with us in the comments below!

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