Facebook Mentions: not for common people

Facebook Mentions for celebrities

Facebook Mentions: not for common people

For the longest time I would not follow celebrities on Facebook unless I had actually met them in person, such as Jim Carrey, who I had met about 30 years ago when he did a surprise gig at Yuk Yuks in Ottawa. I had this self-imposed rule because my own personal goal in social media was to make real connections with real people.Facebook Mentions for celebrities

Besides that, I didn’t want to fill up my feeds with irrelevant updates about things I care little about. Over time, however, I have tended to bend my rules. I have never met Ricky Gervais, but he’s pretty darned funny and seems to be in charge of his own Facebook page, so I follow him. I also now follow George Takei. I’ve not met him but I did see him speak at SXSWi, (so at least I’ve been in the same room as him.)

So that’s three celebrities I follow now, but I recognize that I’m not typical. According to Facebook 800 million people are connected to public figures on Facebook and are interacting with athletes, musicians, actors and other celebrities. The social network says that more than billion interactions take place each week between public figures and their fans on Facebook.

Now, there’s a new app out that’s supposed to make it easy for celebrities to talk to their fans, Facebook Mentions. It provides analytics, real-time posting and live Q&A sessions right from a phone.

William Shatner is not a fan of the app; Ed Sheeran is going to give it a try as are Mariah Carey, Arianna Huffington and Kim Kardashian.

You don’t have to be celebrity to download the app to search for ‘mentions’ of a famous person, but only verified accounts can post responses.

Is there really a need for such an app? I’m not famous enough to know, but I would be interested to hear about the experience from anyone who is.

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  1. templestark says:

    I am of the same mindset as you regarding following “celebrities on social media.” I think celebrity handlers might want this app, but if I knew a celebrity who had this I would think less of him or her. Q: Does this app only cover Facebook mentions?

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