Clever storytelling through Storify

Clever storytelling through Storify

If you thrive on the telling of a good story, you’ll love this tool of the week, Storify. It allows users to search through different social media networks such as Facebook, Google +, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and pull updates and mentions together to form curated stories.

Storify users can choose which elements to include in a story and organize them and even add text to expand on important points. The result? A customized story organized around a central theme which uses a wide range of elements of online conversation.

Storify is used by bloggers, journalists, writers, universities, brands, and everyday people looking to tell their stories in a smarter way. Whether it is People Magazine, The White House, or The Weather Network, there is bound to be an account to follow that sparks your interest.

Using Storify is far more effective than just taking screen grabs of tweets or Instagram posts because it gives users access to clickable hashtags, links and videos. Users also have the flexibility to embed their Storifys into their own blogs or website content. How cool is that?

See below our Storify of this week’s Third Tuesday meet up featuring Jesse Brown, a Canadian digital media expert and broadcast journalist, sharing his wisdom about ethics in journalism.

Third Tuesday is a regular monthly meet up of social and digital media enthusiasts hosted in Toronto and Ottawa that features thought-leaders speaking about hot topics in the digital world.


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